Light Control using telegram bot

This project is about remote control of light from anywhere in the world made possible through IOT. In this project we can turn our lights on and off anytime anywhere using telegram app.

To create a telegram bot:

  1. Open Telegram app and search @BotFather.Now send him a “/start” message
  2. Send “/newbot” message, then follow the instruction to setup a name and a user name.
  3. Your bot is now ready, Take note to save a backup of API token to create a telegram bot:

Get yourself Adafruit API Key:

  1. Create an Adafruit Account and login.
  2. Go to Dashboard and create one.
  3. Once you have done that you will find Adafruit IO Key on the top right corner of your screen
  4. Copy the username and Active Key and save it for further use in the programming.

Next, run the python program in Google Colab . I programmed the bot to show the text message, ‘Turning on the light’ and a picture of a glowing light , when the command is ‘on’ and the text message ‘Turning off the light’ and a picture of a switched-off light, when the command is ‘off.’

Analysing Output using Adafruit IO



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